Ignite: Carbon Edition

Ignite: A series of programmes to ignite inspiration and turn ideas into action; this Carbon edition includes the United Nations-approved Carbon Literacy Accreditation.

Whether you want to attend yourself, with a colleague or arrange a programme for your organisation, contact us to discuss your requirements.

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what you get

Carbon Literacy Accreditation

The United Nations-approved Carbon Literacy Accreditation, which you can use as an official badge to showcase your achievements and commitment

CPD Accredited E-Learning

Access to a CPD accredited e-learning module to understand the science behind climate change.

Interactive Team Workshop

Four hours of live, interactive learning online or in person

Leading Edge Practical tools

Practical tools you can use during - and beyond - the programme to keep applying the most relevant solutions to your work

Regularly Updated Resource Library

Access to a curated and regularly updated resource library, to help you stay up to speed with the latest developments (6 months access)

Fortnightly Drop-In Call

Fortnightly drop-in sessions with Ignite Alumni, to ask questions and learn from peers (6 months access)

One:One Consultancy Call

1:1 Follow-up call to provide support and guidance on the practical application of the strategies

Ignite WhatsApp Group

Join Ignite Alumni on WhatsApp, a space to add questions and engage with the community (6 months access)

Discounted Future Services

Enjoy discounted future services from Impact Amplified and some of our trusted partners


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What is an impact amplified programme like?

The future belongs to those who are prepared.

Our programmes embody ‘Business Unusual’ – a mindset that embraces adaptability and resilience.

With Impact Amplified, you’re not just adjusting to what’s next; you’re equipped to navigate it with confidence, taking action today, while preparing for long-term transformative change.


Move beyond the mundane of tick-box exercises and compliance checklists.

Our programmes are designed as breeding grounds for innovative thinking, where sustainability isn’t just about meeting standards but setting them.

We support you to delve into new realms, converting bold ideas into practical, impactful strategies.


In a fast-changing world, we need to embrace a fresh mindset – agile, disruptive, yet pragmatic.

We create the conditions for you to step out of the conventional path to forge your unique journey, fostering an environment where your business is positioned to not just survive but evolve thoughtfully and strategically.


In a fast-changing world, we need to embrace a fresh mindset – agile, disruptive, yet pragmatic.

We create the conditions for you to step out of the conventional path to forge your unique journey, fostering an environment where your business is positioned to not just survive but evolve thoughtfully and strategically.


Collaboration is at the heart of our programmes.

An Impact Amplified programme, blends diverse ideas, expertise, and perspectives, fostering a co-creative space that extends beyond the programme.

Our fortnightly drop-in calls sustain this collaborative momentum, allowing the solutions we collectively craft to be not only effective but also continually aligned and evolving with your business.


Most frequent questions and answers

These are standalone programmes designed to ignite inspiration and turn ideas into action. Each individual programme focuses on one of the nine planetary boundaries. 

  1. Climate
  2. Biodiversity
  3. Freshwater use 
  4. Novel entities
  5. Ocean acidification
  6. Stratospheric ozone depletion
  7. Biogeochemical flows
  8. Land-system change
  9. Atmospheric aerosol loading

Carbon Literacy means being aware of the impact of everyday activities – in particular through our work – on the climate, and knowing what steps can be taken to reduce emissions as an individual, or an organisation, and why it’s important that we all take these steps. Our individual actions do make a difference. 

Impact Amplified have partnered with the carbon literacy project to devise this programme, meeting their stringent standards.

The Carbon Literacy Project is a collaborative peer-to-peer learning project endorsed by the United Nations. Set-up in 2014, it’s recognised by the global 1% for the Planet scheme and receives sponsorship from organisations including Patagonia. 

The financial investment for the ‘Ignite: Carbon Edition’ programme starts from £3,000 per team. If you are a solo learner please get in touch for individual pricing and availability.

Absolutely! The programme initially offers a 6-month support package, which grants you access to our resource library, the fortnightly drop-in calls, and our dedicated WhatsApp group. If you find value in these resources and wish to extend your access beyond the initial 6 months, you have the option to do so. You can secure an additional 6-month pass through a charitable donation, seamlessly continuing your journey with our support services.

Olivia (Liv) Sibony is an award-winning entrepreneur and trailblazing ethical investment champion. She is co-founder of Impact Amplified, where she works with industry experts, entrepreneurs and academics: empowering purpose-driven leaders with the means to be catalysts in the journey towards business as a force for good. 

Liv left a career at Goldman Sachs to launch her food tech startup, GrubClub, which she sold to Eatwith in 2017. As well as her work with Impact Amplified she is an advisor for the UK Department for Business and Trade (DBT), enabling more impactful entrepreneurs from around the world to scale their businesses, relocating to the UK. She is also a Board member of UCL’s Fast Forward 2030, which aims to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs to launch businesses that address the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as well as being Vicechair of the Mayor of London’s Women in Cleantech Taskforce. She is Head of Impact at Angel investment Network, the world’s largest online angel investment platform.

Liv is driven by the desire to see a world where all businesses marry profit and purpose; she feels that the interplay of leadership, sustainability and meaningful collaboration play a key part in achieving this goal. 


Layla Wildon is the Co-Founder of Impact Amplified and Director of Sustainability Risk at Valconia, leveraging over 25 years of experience in risk management and strategic foresight.

Her career has spanned various sectors, ranging from leadership roles in corporates, including NatWest and AXA, to collaborating with SMEs and start-ups. Throughout, she has focused on guiding teams through uncertainty while integrating environmental stewardship into their core strategies. 

At Impact Amplified, we believe in sharing practical approaches that work, which is why our consultancy goes beyond traditional advice to include capacity building and running workshops. This ethos of knowledge-sharing reflects Layla’s commitment to continuous learning – through her studies in environmental management with IEMA, training as a Three Horizons practitioner with Future Stewards, and as a fellow with The Institute of Strategic Risk Management. 

Her approach is grounded in practical environmentalism, focusing on resilience and adaptability as key to business success in our interconnected world. This philosophy stems from a deep understanding that the well-being of businesses is intrinsically linked to the health of our planet. She champions this perspective in every project and collaboration, endeavouring to drive sustainable change and innovation across the business landscape.

Yes, the program is designed to be accessible for remote or virtual participation, allowing individuals from diverse locations to benefit from the content.

While it may not top the list of FAQs, it’s indeed a question we receive!

The Lego minifigures embody our approach of mingling seriousness with a pinch of playfulness.

In the realm of sustainability, where the challenges are substantial and the stakes high, a light-hearted touch can make a significant difference.

By incorporating Lego figures, we’re not just lightening the atmosphere but also cultivating a space brimming with creativity and engagement, benefiting our team and our clients alike.

And there’s something exciting on the horizon – we’re in the process of developing a Lego Serious Play offering… so watch this space!

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Ignite: Carbon Edition

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01. Where are you, as an individual, in the journey to incorporate people and planet considerations into your line of work?
02. Do you feel you currently have the right knowledge and tools to incorporate these considerations?
03. What is your biggest challenge to getting your company to more actively address its impact on people and planet?

What do we mean by sustainability?

We need to achieve a sustainable balance of meeting the needs of both people and planet and not focusing on one to the detriment of the other – harmonising people, planet and prosperity.

When considering business sustainability we look at how the firm (positively or negatively) impacts our Earth system and society (inside-out), and how our Earth system and society may (positively or negatively) impact a firm’s ability to achieve its objectives (outside-in).