We create the right conditions for industry professionals, entrepreneurs and academics to co-create action plans that ensure business is a force for good – for people and the planet.

Impact Amplified is a non-profit organisation.

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University College London is London's leading multidisciplinary university currently ranked joint 7th in the QS World University Rankings. UCL opened up education in England for the first time in 1826.

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Canterbury Christ Church University is a modern, friendly university, renowned for academic excellence. With the largest centre of higher education in Kent for the public services, and significant programmes in a wide range of academic and professional areas.

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The Institute of Strategic Risk Management is a global centre for practitioners, academics, policy makers, strategic risk and crisis management professionals.

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Social Value International is the global network focused on social impact and social value, with a shared common goal: to change the way society accounts for value.

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IAC Is a Global Corporate Governance & Sustainability Recruitment Specialist - trusted partners to some of the world's biggest brands as well as smaller and start-up organisations. Their specialisms include: Sustainability/ESG, Internal Audit, Risk & Compliance.

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Seedtribe is a platform which connects entrepreneurs, investors, corporates and change-makers who believe in business as a force for good.

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Fast Forward 2030 promotes speculative business models for enterprise and behaviours that will help deliver the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

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Valconia is a risk management consultancy focused on supporting businesses to understand and manage risk including their societal and environmental impacts.

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Our why

People and Planet

The increased awareness of the growing challenges faced by people and planet makes it impossible for us to ignore. Whereas historically businesses have often profited from damaging the environment, we believe the quickest way to reverse this trend is to reframe business opportunities in the context of today’s needs, ensuring that business practitioners embed business models that profit from positive contribution to the world.

Practical Optimists

We believe that change must come from all sides, top down, bottom up and diagonally. We are practical optimists, comfortable with the grey areas, which is where we all grow.

Each one of us is a citizen of the world, which includes being a family member, a consumer and an employee. And through each of these hats, we not only have the power to affect change, but a duty to positively contribute in every way we can. We focus on the individual power that employees can have in shaping the sustainable business practices of tomorrow.


We believe in collaboration and want to break down silos to drive continuous innovation. We bring people together who are on a shared mission to use business as a force for good, while coming from diverse backgrounds and industries.

This enables us to create the space to explore the whole and together co-create the solutions that accelerate the change and mean we can leave behind a legacy we are proud of. Only by working meaningfully together can we hope to amplify the impact we seek to have on the world.

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01. Where are you, as an individual, in the journey to incorporate people and planet considerations into your line of work?
02. Do you feel you currently have the right knowledge and tools to incorporate these considerations?
03. What is your biggest challenge to getting your company to more actively address its impact on people and planet?

What do we mean by sustainability?

We need to achieve a sustainable balance of meeting the needs of both people and planet and not focusing on one to the detriment of the other – harmonising people, planet and prosperity.

When considering business sustainability we look at how the firm (positively or negatively) impacts our Earth system and society (inside-out), and how our Earth system and society may (positively or negatively) impact a firm’s ability to achieve its objectives (outside-in).