A collaborative approach to practical workshops to redress the balance between people, planet and profit.

What to expect?

Our workshops combine learning, collaboration and action to create a practical experience with tangible outputs. We offer a variety of standard workshops or can create a fully bespoke programme.


01. Understand

We first establish the context in which we need to operate. What is meant by Planetary Boundaries? What is sustainability, SDGs, Social Value?

02. Explore

Here we apply design thinking methods to explore the topic of the workshop e.g. risk identification in relation to the sustainability context.

03. Apply

Now we practically apply our thinking within the workshop using an impact startup business as the live case study.

04. Measure

Six months after the initial workshop we reconvene to discuss the actions taken, share learning and measure impact

Why is an Impact Amplified workshop different?

Unique Learning Format

The foundation of all our workshops is our live case study; we engage a real life impact startup whose for-profit business model addresses one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This can range from nanorobots who feed the right amount of nutrients to each plant, to early cancer-detection tools, to zero-carbon building systems. The founder attends the workshops and together we bring life to the theory.

We need to reassess how we run the businesses of tomorrow. This needs a shift in mindset, with fresh, innovative perspectives. We bring the benefit of an entrepreneurial mindset in order to turn challenges into opportunities, so that business can profit from contributing, rather than damaging, people and planet.

Tangible Action

“Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice” Anton Chekov.

We believe in consolidating learning & putting the theory into practice. Not only will you test the theory within the workshop setting you will also trial it within your business.

Six months after the initial workshop you will attend the second workshop (with the same attendees) to review the actions you have taken and measure impact.

To give you a feel of how an Impact Amplified workshop operates here is a description of the Risk Management Identification workshop. 

In addition to our standard workshops we can create a fully bespoke programme for your team or organisation.

Key benefits to participants:

Reframe business

Understand, directly from the founders, how they can create a competitive advantage when having purpose at the heart of their business.
Doing this with a start up means you can quickly see the end to end value chain, sharpening your focus on the critical risks to success.

Collaborate for amplified impact

Benefit from enhanced partnerships: joining a carefully curated group of professionals from different industries in a shared, safe, learning space, enables the collaboration to start immediately and continue beyond the workshop. The diversity of perspectives makes the sum greater than its parts. 

Make a tangible difference

Explore how you can apply an impact focused mindset to your business’s objectives. Helping it become a firm which reaps the benefits of embedding practices that are good for people, planet and profit. After six months we’ll follow up with you for an opportunity to discuss your success and any further help you need.

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01. Where are you, as an individual, in the journey to incorporate people and planet considerations into your line of work?
02. Do you feel you currently have the right knowledge and tools to incorporate these considerations?
03. What is your biggest challenge to getting your company to more actively address its impact on people and planet?

What do we mean by sustainability?

We need to achieve a sustainable balance of meeting the needs of both people and planet and not focusing on one to the detriment of the other – harmonising people, planet and prosperity.

When considering business sustainability we look at how the firm (positively or negatively) impacts our Earth system and society (inside-out), and how our Earth system and society may (positively or negatively) impact a firm’s ability to achieve its objectives (outside-in).