What we do

Our programmes, workshops and events are designed to help you start taking action today, while preparing for long-term transformative change.

Collaborative Learning

We consider learning a continuous catalyst for action. Our collaborative sessions provide participants with insights and tools to drive impact. By fostering continuous learning, we promote innovation, problem-solving, and informed decision-making. Outputs are shared under creative commons licence in a community space.

We run three types of collaborative learning sessions:

Idea Hives are organised to explore an idea/concept/question in a structured way. They last 90-minutes.

The aim is to capture the learnings/a-ha moments from the discussion and continue to build upon them for the benefit of individuals as well as the collective. 

Upcoming Idea Hives:
  • Where do risk and sustainability intersect?
  • What is regenerative business?

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We interview industry professionals who’ll share their candid insights, experience and advice on how business leaders can play their part, in practical ways, in the transition towards regenerative business.

Participants can submit their burning questions in advance as well as join in on the live Q&A session during the interview itself.

Upcoming Fireside Chats:
  • Role of risk management in the sustainability transition – Dr Theresa Harrer
  • How does ESG form part of your exit strategy? – Tanja Gihr, Barclays
  • Signs the pattern is shifting – Craig Turner, Jobs for Good
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Our 60-minute monthly Knowledge Hive is a stimulating peer-to-peer learning forum centred on evolving from extractive to regenerative business practices.

Participants collectively develop a valuable learning resource, housed on a shared platform.

This supportive environment encourages exploration, catering to those new to regenerative business and those seeking deeper insights.

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We offer programmes designed to help individuals and organisations transition from extractive to regenerative business practices. Our diverse range of sessions – including short introductory sessions, 2-day workshops, and immersive away days – focuses on building capacity and driving immediate action while laying the groundwork for long-term transformative change.

We run three types of programmes:

Our workshops are an opportunity to join purpose-driven peers from different industries, to explore a common challenge in your journey to drive business as a force for good.

You will gain practical tools that will keep giving you perspective of the wider system, where you fit within it and what to focus on immediately, so you can keep taking meaningful action, in the right direction.

The tools can be easily reused after the workshop.

Upcoming workshops:
  • Embracing Uncertainty: Is Risk Management fostering innovation or reinforcing the status quo?
  • Raising capital for impact start-ups    

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Harnessing the power of nature to inspire and ignite sustainable change within the corporate landscape.

Ranging from half a day to 3 days, practical learning in a different setting can have catalytic effects in driving meaningful change.

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We hold introductory sessions. Whilst still interactive, the purpose of these sessions is to introduce a useful concept or a tool that can be applied by attendees to accelerate the change we are seeking to affect in business.

Upcoming Intro Sessions:
  • Three Horizons Framework
  • Doughnut Economics Business Taster

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Our consultancy services are inspired by biomimicry principles and focused on capacity building, designed to help you shift towards regenerative business practices. This shift begins with taking the first step, and we are here to help you take it.

We like three’s so here are three examples of our consultancy services:

Cut through the clutter with a free consultation. We’ll explore your challenges and connect you with the right ideas, services, or organisations to propel you forward. Our unbiased, commission-free approach supports our mutual aim of moving business practices from extractive to regenerative.

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We have found that problems are seldom solved by singular specialisms. Which is why we bring together a trusted interdisciplinary team of specialists from diverse backgrounds and industries.

We collaborate with you, fostering critical thinking to help you address your big strategic challenges through fresh perspectives.

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If you’re stuck on a specific challenge, we’ll help you apply new perspectives to help you break through it.

These are high energy sessions that challenge your thinking, taking you out of your usual headspace in order to overcome the hurdle and help you to keep moving forward on your journey.   

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Join the impact risk collective
01. Where are you, as an individual, in the journey to incorporate people and planet considerations into your line of work?
02. Do you feel you currently have the right knowledge and tools to incorporate these considerations?
03. What is your biggest challenge to getting your company to more actively address its impact on people and planet?

What do we mean by sustainability?

We need to achieve a sustainable balance of meeting the needs of both people and planet and not focusing on one to the detriment of the other – harmonising people, planet and prosperity.

When considering business sustainability we look at how the firm (positively or negatively) impacts our Earth system and society (inside-out), and how our Earth system and society may (positively or negatively) impact a firm’s ability to achieve its objectives (outside-in).