The IRC has been formed to provide a forum for exchanging ideas, sharing good practice and developing approaches for the pivotal role risk management has to play in safeguarding people and planet.

What motivated some of our members to join the IRC?
our approach

We are a long way from having a recognised approach to measuring, managing and reporting impacts on people and planet. But that shouldn’t be a barrier to action, and that is why we have created the IRC. 

There is a rolling focus topic, voted for by members. Exploration of the topic will be covered in the following ways:


Targeted discussions held within a private LinkedIn group.

Expert Q&A

Members will be able to pose questions to relevant experts, in live sessions or offline.


Input to and gain insights from surveys of the collective.

Info Share

Topic specific articles and research will be shared.


Curated by the IRC facilitator.


To turn theory into action some topic areas become projects. More info here.

The collective is free to join, the depth and frequency of your contribution is up to you. Our Terms of Reference provides further detail.

Current Topic: The role for risk management in sustainability.

Membership Structure


Members take an active role in contributing to IRC activity such as engaging in forum discussions and ask the expert sessions. Whilst administrative support is provided by the facilitator the IRC is a collective - members work together to achieve a common objective.

Monthly contribution to the focus topic survey (10 min)


Pioneers are members who are keen to be more actively involved in shaping the strategic direction of the IRC and the role it can play in influencing the long term purpose of the risk management profession.

In addition to member contribution:
- Quarterly attendance to strategic direction meeting (1 hour zoom)
- Act as a sounding board and ambassador

Frequently asked questions

Impact Risk encompasses the risks to your organisation of not achieving a balance between people, planet and profit. This can range from the risks that might prevent you from achieving your sustainability goals, to the risks of not setting any goals at all.

We provide the space for practitioners to develop practical solutions so their businesses can help create a fairer, more resilient future. IRC members focus on what can be done now, rather than in 20 years’ time. . As a group, we:

  • Create a space to explore ideas
  • Provide a forum for sharing the latest tools and techniques
  • Promote collaboration between complementary disciplines
  • Research, collate and share information relating to people & planet impact
  • Help members navigate the complex landscape of competing requirements (e.g. disclosure)
  • Increase members’ knowledge in related areas through training sessions
  • Move beyond theory, delving deeper into topics that matter to members and taking practical steps to redressing the balance

Anyone with an interest in the role risk management can play in safeguarding people and planet, regardless of your role title or field of expertise.

Our current members are a mix of risk, audit and sustainability practitioners from varied industries and at different stages of their careers, from analysts to executives.

Understand: through knowledge sharing & “ask the expert” sessions.

Explorethrough roundtables and targeted forum discussions.

Collaboratethrough our partnerships with academic institutes and industry leading experts.

Act: apply your knowledge and leverage your expanded sustainability network, to embed sustainable/ESG practices into your business area.

See above for what motivated some of our members to join.

After you sign up to the Impact Risk Collective we will arrange a 30 minute introductory call – an opportunity for you to find out more about the IRC and for us to understand your areas of interest and collaboration aspirations. 

We get that everyone is busy. The depth and frequency of your contribution is entirely up to you and can ebb and flow alongside your workload.

Join the impact risk collective
01. Where are you, as an individual, in the journey to incorporate people and planet considerations into your line of work?
02. Do you feel you currently have the right knowledge and tools to incorporate these considerations?
03. What is your biggest challenge to getting your company to more actively address its impact on people and planet?

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What do we mean by sustainability?

We need to achieve a sustainable balance of meeting the needs of both people and planet and not focusing on one to the detriment of the other – harmonising people, planet and prosperity.

When considering business sustainability we look at how the firm (positively or negatively) impacts our Earth system and society (inside-out), and how our Earth system and society may (positively or negatively) impact a firm’s ability to achieve its objectives (outside-in).